Victron Color Control GX Remote Panel

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The Color Control GX is a device that acts as a communication center for your installation. It provides you with live information about your system, and lets you control all products connected to it. You can gain full system control from almost anywhere in the world by accessing your Color Control GX using the free-to-use Victron Remote Management Portal (VRM).

The Color Control GX provides you with an intuitive system overview with just a single touch. You can see the battery state of charge, present power consumption, power harvest from PV, and power provision from mains/generator.

With the Victron Remote Management (VRM) system, you have full access to the very extensive controls and settings of all system components that are connected to either your CCGX or Venus GX. It allows remote user and installer login from anywhere, at any time. This powerful application also provides hassle-free diagnostic checks and analysis of archived information.

The Color Control GX can also be programmed to auto-start your generator triggered by low-voltage, high-demand, or battery state of charge. It can also be tailored to delay ignition until the end of 'quiet' periods, avoiding accidental nuisance at dead of night.

You can use the Remote Console feature to control everything from anywhere. It's like carrying the front face of your CCGX control panel around on your phone or other device.

The Color Control GX also manages Energy Storage Systems, keeping backup batteries at 100%, kicking in during power-cuts, and diverting excess (solar) power to self-consumption, saving you money. For more detailed information, see the ESS (Energy Storage System) manual.

Finally, the Color Control GX allows you to remotely monitor your boat or motorhome electrics. Planning a trip? Remote monitoring of your Color Control GX allows you to make sure your boat or motorhome is ready to go. Color Control GX also allows you to talk to connected equipment from other manufacturers.

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