TracStar 1200 1.2m Automatic Satellite Internet System

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Reflector Size 1.2 Meter
Prime Focus Offset Mount Geometry Elevation over Azimuth
Polarization Rotation of Feed Reflector
Material Resin/Fiber Composite
Travel Azimuth 400° or ± 200° from Stow Position
El - Operational 0-65° (+)
Stow Position Polarization ± 95°
Travel Velocity Slewing / Deploying 2° per second Peaking 5° per second
Manual Jog 1.0° or 0.2° per second
Manual Drive Handcrank on Az and El Axii
Electrical Interface RF 75Ω
Tx/Rx Type F Connector (50Ω option)
Wave guide Grove Flexible
Wave guide from Feed
Interfacility Link 30 ft. (9.14M)
Control Cable and RG6 Coax,
Motors 24 VDC Variable Speed Constant Torque Controller 50/60Hz, 110/220VAC and Power Supply
Single Phase Power Consumption 250 Watts 
Motors Active Power Consumption 30 Watts
Motors Idle Antenna Characteristics
Rx Tx Frequency (Ghz) 10.95 - 12.75 13.75 - 14.5
Gain Midband 42.0 dBi 43.2 dBi
Beam -3 dB 1.4 1.2 10 dB 2.5 2.1
First Sidelobe Level (Typical)
19 dB -22 dB Antenna Noise
Temperature 30°K at 30°
Elevation Polarization Linear Orthogonal
Standard Optional Co-pol Radiation Pattern
Compliance FCC §25.209,
ITU-R S-580-6
Power Handling Capability 40 Watts
Feed Port Isolation TX to RX75 dB
Mechanical Az/El Drive
Patented Roto-Lok®
Cable Drive System w/Handcrank backup
Polarization Drive System Direct Drive w/Manual knob backup

Weights & Measures
Antenna w/ Reflector (Options Dependent) 115-125 lbs (52.16-56.69 kg)
Maximum Length w/IFL Cables Connected 74" (187.95 cm)
Height Stowed 19.6" (46.35 cm)
Deployed 72-5/8" (184.4 cm)
Portable Power Supply/Display Unit Weight - Power Supply (CE Approved) 4.5 lbs (2.04 kg)
Power Supply 9" x 10.25" x2.5" (22.86 x 26 x 6.35 cm)
Display Unit 5 ½"x 3 ¼"x 1-3/8" (13.96 x 8.25 x 3.45 cm)

Rack Mount Power Supply/ Display Unit Combo

Weight 4.5 lbs (2.04 kg)
Dimensions 19.0"x 8.0"x 1.75" (48.26 x 20.32 x 4.44 cm)
Antenna Controller One button operation automatic satellite acquisition with integrated GPS/Compass/ Level Sensors and user configurable satellite selection.
Environmental Wind – Survival Stowed 100 mph (161 kph)
Operational 60 mph (96.6 kph)
Temperature Operational -20° F to 125° F CW Option -40° F to 125° F
Storage -30° F to 150° F
Options Roof Pod

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