SHG 250W Folding Solar Kit

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High quality frame, handle, alligator clips,
Rubber stoppers on panels/legs
Tempered Glass
TUV German certified
Max power IMP 13.44A
Max voltage VMP 18.6v
Open Circuit 22.4v
Short Circuit 7.3v
Dimensions 120cm x 81cm x 70cm (folded)

* These units will hit a massive 17.5A with Victron MPPT Controller as tested by Access TUV Certification is a independent certification designed to ensure goods are fit and safe for use, also providing certification for various international standards, such as ISO9001:2008 (quality management system) Majority of our solar panels also have Australian CEC certification (Australian Clean Energy Council which is the Australian solar regulators).

Majority of our panels are designed by Australian travellers for travellers. We put all the extra components to ensure it is highest quality both visually and in terms of structure to ensure your panel not only works but works exceptionally well.

250W Folding Solar Panel
A Grade Mono-crystalline
Carry bag
High quality Alligator clips Regulator with built in volt meter and twin USB charging ports 
Weight 20kg

*Beware of similar sized panels with exaggerated specifications listed with online sellers on eBay* 7.png

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