Nomad Power Distribution Board

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We have replicated the very popular distribution configuration that can be connected to AGM/Lead Acid/Gel Batteries of any size, that will allow you to position the outputs in a convenient location or position, in your vehicle or campsite.

Simply Connect your battery to the Nomad PDB with 8mm 50-65 amp cable and you are set to go. The unit is for power distribution only with a 50 amp max draw across the unit at any time. (See Specs Below)

Connect the unit with 8mm 50-65 amp auto cable at the length you require to position the unit where you like from the battery. Ideally keep the run to a few metres.
• Voltage monitor – The Voltage monitor will pick up the current voltage of the battery bank it is connected to up to 15 volt, you can connect to any size battery bank and it will give you the current voltage read.
• Draw or Amp Meter – this will give you the amount of amperage that your accessories are drawing, up to 50amp at any time max across the entire unit.
• On/Off switches turn the unit on and off and also the monitors or meters separately
• Outputs:
• 2 X Ciga Sockets, 1 X Engel, 2 X 2.1mm Jacks – 10amp Rated , Dual USB
• 1 X Anderson Output – 50amp Rated  
• Unit at any time can supply 50amp across entire unit, each port max rated as above Please

Note: The unit has an Air Switch breaker to protect the board against accidental power damage.

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