Nomad 60AH Lithium Power Distribution Unit

Sale price$689.00


• With 3 x Ciga, 1 x Engel, 2 x 2.1mm and 1 x dual USB output.

• Huge 10 amp per port output

• Maximum 20 amp output across whole unit at any one time

• DOD (Depth of Discharge) to 80% (useable A/H) longer up time

• Charge by regulated or unregulated solar (8A AC/DC charger sold separately)

• Anderson and pole connection for charging

• Maximum charge rate 10Ah (anything higher may damage unit and void warranty)

• Reverse polarity protection

• MPPT controller built in

• Slimline design to minimise space requirement

• Range of lighting, fridge equipment and other accessories to suit

12 month warranty

Supplier demo videos available here:

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