"NEW 2024 Model" 65cm Travel Vision R7 Portable Fully Automatic Satellite System Multi Purpose Use

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The Intellisat Travel Vision R7 is a satellite TV antenna designed and manufactured in Europe, promising clear reception for free campers. Weighing just 9kg and easily storable, the R7 offers an effortless setup process. Users need only press the 'search' button on their battery-powered module, and the R7 automatically detects and locks onto the strongest satellite signal. Once set up, users can disconnect the control panel and head indoors to enjoy TV programming with ease. Overall, the R7's automatic operation and portability make it an attractive option for campers seeking a reliable and user-friendly TV antenna.


Dish Diameter 65cm
Weight Approx. 9.0kg
Power Adaptor 12V to 24V DC
Power Usage Max. 950 mA
Software Update By USB
Wiring 75 Ω Double Shielded Coaxial Cable
LNB Output 10.7 Twin LNB

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