LiFePO4 12V 240ah 2.88kWH Lithium Ion LiFePo4 Deep Cycle Battery

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Comes with built in BMS (battery management system) controller so you can use with normal BCDC or solar panel regulators without needing special lithium algorithm charging support*. LiFePO4 contains no poisonous lead, no acid, and does not create gasses during charge, as traditional Lead-Acid batteries do. Compared to lead-acid, Lithium Iron Phosphate batteries are also extremely light, have much lower self-discharge, do not sulfate, and are environmentally friendly.

*If battery enters self protection mode due to insufficient charging, a suitable LiFePO4 (eg Victron) charger is required to return battery to working state.

The Deutsche Technologies 12V 240Ah Energy Storage Systems are a family of 12V battery modules and accessories. The 12V lithium battery is designed as a drop-in replacement for similar sized lead-acid batteries offering twice the run-time and nearly half the weight. The 12V series is designed for lower voltage, lower power and longer run-time applications.

They are built with LFP Technology that offers outstanding intrinsic safety and excellent float and cycle life resulting in low cost of ownership.


 Built-in automatic protection for over-charge, over-discharge and over-temperature conditions
 Maintenance free 
 Internal cell balancing
 Thousands of cycles,100% DOD, under normal conditions
 Can be charged using most standard lead-acid  chargers (set for AGM/GEL cells)
 Flame retardant plastics 


Voltage 12.8V
Nominal Capacity (25°C , 0.2C) 240Ah
Weight (Approximate) 29.0Kg
Cell Prismatic
Dimension L*W*H 520*269*203mm
Specific Energy 80Wh/kg
Standard Discharge 25°C Max. cont. current 240A 
Max.10sec.pulse 350A 

Standard Charge Charge Voltage 14.6V
Float 13.8V
Style CC/CV
Recommended Charge Current 120A 
Using Temperature Discharge -30 to 60℃; 0.1C Charge -20 to 60℃
Storage Temperature -30~60℃

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