Da Vinci Automatic Satellite System

Size: 65cm Dish
Sale price$3,400.00



The Da-Vinci features single-button operation, just press the power button and it will find the satellite automatically. The initial search will use GPS to determine the skew angle of the LNB and elevation of the satellite as a preset and then search for the satellite. The next time when you put the dish up it will go to the last known position for faster satellite lock-in and do additional searches if required.


Control box uses the latest HD tuner for satellite search. Multi-satellite GPS is used for satellite elevation and skew pre-setting, shortening the searching time.
The software upgrade is done by micro SD card


The Da-Vinci takes approximately 30-45 seconds to lock onto the VAST satellite.

  • Weighs 11.8 Kg
  • 65cm/85cm dish
  • 100% coverage in Australia
  • Twin LNB for VAST and Foxtel reception
  • Height when parked – 18cm
  • Excellent wind stability
  • Made in Italy
  • 3 Years

Satking 980CA and Altech UEC DSD5000 VAST set top boxes sold separately. 

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