AusLog - Australian Made Logarithmic Digital TV Antenna Band 3 and 4.

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- please call to get advice in which antenna will suit your address or location.

The Auslog antenna has 22 elements and cover Band 3 and 4.
This is a VHF and UHF antenna.
Logarithms are related to musical tones and intervals.

The same science is being more and more applied in the communications industry and in this case giving an increased signal strength over yagi antennas using older technology.

Why invest into old technology when you can get latest RF technology in this small but sophisticated digital antenna. These antennas work unbelievably well in weak signal areas, exceptionally well in valleys, and even country towns. This antenna picks up every channel inside our showroom while big Australian made yagi antennas stuggle.

The length and spacing of the elements of a log-periodic antenna increase logarithmically from one end to the other. A plot of the input impedance as a function of logarithm of the excitation frequency shows a periodic variation.

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