Access Caravan 80cm Azure Shine Satellite Dish 100% Coverage

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Suitable for use in 100% of Australia for VAST installations. Also suitable for Pay TV and Austar/Foxtel installations in BYO areas. Azure Shine in Taiwan is one of the worlds biggest dish manufacturers built from the highest quality machines and materials.

Azure Shine is referred to as the rolls royce of satellite dishes. We pulled more signal power and quality from our 90cm dish compared to a number of cheap Chinese dishes.

Antenna Size: 80cm
Dish Material: Steel
Finish: Polyester Powder Coating
LNB clamp: 40mm
Offset Angle: 21°
Aperture Efficiency: >80%
Horizontal Axis: 80cm
Vertical Axis: 73cm
KU: 39.5dB
Focal Length: 47.6dB
F/D Ratio: 0.7
Mount Type: Az/El
Azimuth Alignment 360°
Elevation Alignment: 15°  - 87°
Pole Diameter: 30-48mm
Operating Temperature: -40°C - +60°C
Operating Wind: 90km/h
Survival Wind: 180km/h

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