2 in 12 out Deutsche Technologies Multiswitch 2x12

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Excellent quality component, professional circuit design and low loss 13/18V supplied by satellite receiver through coaxial cable to switch corresponding port Distributed into four or six or eight subscribers to use simultaneously and no mutual interference Applicable to multi-satellite and multi-receiver usage Power supplied by satellite receiver or external power supply

Frequency Range: 950-2150(MHz)
DC Current Consumption: 200(mA)
Insertion Loss: 5(dB)
DC Max Power Passing: 500(mA)
Isolation: 25(dB)
Supply Voltage: 20V(±1)1200mA
Return Loss: 10(dB)
Impedance(all ports): 75(Ω)
Normal Working Voltage: 12-20(V)
Zinc die-cast housing, nickel-plated

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