Access2QLD - Platinum Portable Satellite TV Kit with (Altech Receiver DSD5000)

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Receiver: Altech Vast Receiver
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Introducing the Platinum Caravan Satellite VAST TV Kit by Access Antennas Australia – your ultimate solution for uninterrupted TV reception on the road! With a 100% coverage guarantee across Australia, this kit ensures you never miss your favorite shows, no matter where your caravan adventures take you.

Designed for Reliability:

Crafted and patented by Access Antennas , this kit reflects years of experience and expertise in satellite TV reception. Rest assured with our money-back guarantee, providing added peace of mind to our valued customers.

Trusted Performance:

With over 15,000 kits sold in the last two decades, our product stands as the most trusted and easiest-to-use option on the market. Enjoy hassle-free setup and crystal-clear TV reception wherever you roam.

Key Components:

  • ALTECH UEC DSD5000 VAST Twin Tuner Satellite Receiver and Recorder (with VAST smartcard)
  • 80cm high-performance Access Antennas dish featuring a unique removable arm mechanism for easy storage
  • Tri-adjustable tripod with spirit level and carry bag for stability on any terrain
  • High-performance 10.7 LNB ensuring optimal signal reception
  • Inclometer/angle meter with a magnetic base for precise alignment
  • 18m + 2m high-quality satellite cable kit with Foxtel PCT compression connectors for reliable connectivity
  • Heavy-duty carry bag for convenient transportation
  • Military-grade compass for accurate orientation
  • Detailed instruction booklet or online video guide for effortless setup

Bonus Features:

As a special addition, our kit includes the Digital HD Satellite Finder, affectionately known as "The Marriage Saver." Preprogrammed to locate the correct satellite, this handy tool eliminates manual screen checks and potential partner disputes, ensuring a harmonious TV setup experience.

Upgrade your caravan entertainment with the Platinum Caravan Satellite VAST TV Kit – your companion for clear, high-quality TV reception on the go!

Order by phone or online via our website. Phone orders are welcome - (07) 3158 9693.

We can post to any location within Australia for only $49 delivered - registered with Australia Post for security and peace of mind. This cost includes a custom designed box to protect your new investment and tracking of your order while it’s with the freight carrier.

  • Model:PlatinumKit

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